Strategic business development

We develop pragmatic, structured business development plans (BDP) and support our clients in putting them into practice in a way that can be measured with scalable programmes or projects.

Project management (PM)

We develop, implement and temporarily manage lean and efficient project management structures (PM Office) based on organisational requirements and our customers' environment. With the help of our tried and tested PM toolbox we ensure that projects and also complex programmes are successful.

Business Process Management (BPM)

In accordance with the international guidelines of the Association of Business Process Management Professionals International (ABPMP®) our certified Business Process Professionals (CBPP®) assist with the definition of business process management strategies and their realisation by means of business process modelling (incl. "Lean Six Sigma"). Specifically, this is realised through the establishment, optimisation and sustainable implementation of lean business process models.

Risk & Opportunity (R&O) Management

Derived from strategic business objectives we identify opportunities and risks that have a decisive influence on our customers' business activity. Our services help to ensure that well-founded management decisions are made to manage the opportunities and risks identified and put the measures adopted into practice.