Customer journey

Retailers are currently faced with big challenges due to digital offerings and high expectations on the customer experience. We subject the customer journey to close scrutiny and develop solutions that enable you to communicate more effectively and efficiently – including the latest technologies such as virtual and augmented reality.

Digital and print media

The experience is decisive. This is why we always follow the analysis with an idea and its perfect implementation in different media. Our special strength is demonstrated when others (sales consultants, employees, customers) are faced with new challenges.

Information systems

The sales department needs support from head office. But how can information be efficiently communicated to the dealers? Our IT experts and content managers take care of this – reliably and proudly presenting an (even) better solution – from a one-off microsite to group-wide single source publishing.

Product argumentation

Connectivity and electric mobility, expanding competition and autonomous driving – dealers are increasingly reliant on choosing the right information and presenting sound arguments. Our automotive editors are familiar with the customer perspective, technology and language in digital and print media, as a short newsletter or a full guideline.

Analysis and concept

Conveying something to other people is a big challenge. Success starts with a clear idea of the objective and the measures needed to achieve it. Thanks to our wide experience in industry, retail and services we create a concept that is a perfectly tailored to your target group.